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Boasting an array of Vans, Numerous 4 Tonne Trucks and a handful of 8 Tonne Trucks – No order is left behind in our schedules!

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With intricate systems put in place, you have the comfort of knowing that availability is merely a phone call or email away from your doorstep.

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We believe in relationships, and for that reason we strive to meet our clients needs and objectives in every single order. Try us, Satisfaction is what we do!

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Get To Know Who We Are

ON THE RUN has been established as a distributor of dry goods, cleaning smalls and packaging to the food service industry in 2008.

Our traditional business model is based on a very simple business philosophy – we save money wherever we can, which we then pass on the lower prices onto our customers.

We offer a wide range of premium brands and also a range of our own in-house affordable labels in selected product categories.

Our Customers

On The Run has a coverage of over 600 establishments



Educational Facilities

Corporate Canteens

Commercial Canteens

Old Age Homes

Children Homes


Industrial Canteens

In-House Restaurants

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